The Other Gods: Charybdis 24" x 36"


24” x 36” painting • acrylic, pastels and ink

All paintings are one of a kind, original work. Contact me for international shipping options. Framing available upon request.


Charybdis is a sea monster in Greek mythology. She was born a goddess but transformed as a punishment after she and her father, Poseidon, stole land from her uncle Zeus.

Charybdis and the monster Scylla challenge epic characters in Greek writing when they meet her at sea. The phrase "between Scylla and Charybdis" has come to mean being forced to choose between two similarly dangerous situations.

This piece is designed to show compassion for someone who was doomed to be defined forever by her worst moment. There was no redemption for Charybdis. She was given no grace, so she reminds us that forgiveness and redemption are beautiful gifts.

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